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"Dorcas CIS" — Russian charitable organization

From their birth people are endowed with abilities and talents, but not all of them managed to find their place in life. Many have to put up with poverty and social exclusion. That's why we support the most needy since 1993.
"Dorcas CIS" — one of the few charitable organizations in Russia, which helps people in difficult life situations, guided by a carefully developed Theory of change. We do this by supporting charitable projects of our partners — local non-profit organizations in the regions of Russia.
During 24 years of our activities more than 200,000 people from Yamal to the North Caucasus and from Leningrad region to Sakhalin received support through 46 partner organizations.

The name "Dorcas" — what does it mean?

The name Dorcas is the name of biblical character: the book of Acts referred to the woman Tabitha, which “was abounding with deeds of kindness and charity” (Acts 9:36). Her name means “Gazelle”, in Greek — “Dorcas”. Virtuous and sacrificial ministry of Tabitha is example for us and our partner organizations.